VP vs OG Grand Final Kiev Major 2017 Highlights Dota 2 – Part 1


VP vs OG Highlights Kiev Major Final 2017 Dota 2 – OG vs VP Virtus Pro The Kiev Major Highlights 2017 Dota 2 – [Part 1]
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Team Virtus.Pro VP Dota 2: Solo, Lil, Noone, 9pasha, RAMZES666.
Team OG Dota 2: N0tail, ana, s4, Fly, JerAx.

Tournament – The Kiev Major 2017 Highlights Dota 2 Main Event.
Participants: Team Liquid, TB Thunderbirds, TNC Pro Team, OG, Team Secret, TNC Pro Team, Evil Geniuses EG, Newbee, Team Random, Team VGJ Vici Jeremy VG.J, Digital Chaos DC, Virtus Pro VP, Team Faceless, Invictus Gaming IG, IG Vitality IG.V, SG e-sports.

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  1. Thank you so much for the work you do. It makes it very easy for me to get what I want to watch and know that it won't be badly edited. All the clips are always perfect, and uploading this series that is happening right now helps tremendously since I couldn't commit to watching it at first, but I am still able to get the info quickly and see it for myself before my friends ruin it for me. Thank you so much DotA Digest – only one of 3 channels I sub to, and also take my Ad Blocker off of when I watch.

    • Really exciting photos! You are the best kept secret on the east coast. You take so many fantastic shots that other phrrhgoapoets just would not have the vision to take. Whoever hires you to take their wedding shots will be forever grateful for their decision to go with you.

  2. Best highlights I've ever seen and also ultra-fast uploads. keep up the good work. subscribed! 🙂

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