Spider-Man gameplay shown in first look at PlayStation 4 exclusive, coming out 2018




Peter Parker finally got his chance to shine, or should that be bind, in the PlayStation E3 conference. The web-slinging superhero looked incredibly impressive in a first look at the upcoming Insomniac game in action. Not content with wowing the crowd, the game has been confirmed for 2018.

Developers Insomniac have been working on this for quite a while now, and Spider-Man the game looked incredibly close to the original CG trailer shown at E3 2016. Replete with some ‘spicy QTE’ (thanks Alice!), it is sure coming along.

Having confirmed that it would be showing the game prior to E3, Insomniac is keen to stress this is a totally separate storyline from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, nor is it an origins story. Instead they would be focussing on a more ‘experienced Spider-Man’.

After what seems an absolute age to finally see the game in action, it was fantastic to see how far things have come along. Could we finally have a Spider-Man to rival the classic Spider-Man 2 that came out on PS2 all those years ago?

Why don’t you take a look for yourself?





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