Have a gander at Swery doing some motion capture for The Good Life




Having recently unveiled the crowd-funding campaign for its first game, The Good Life, White Owls Inc. has released a new video showing the game’s creator, Hidetaka ‘Swery’ Suehiro, giving it his all in the early motion capture work for the game. It’s worth watching just to see him shearing a sheep, or man-handling a monkey toy.

This is merely test footage, so it’s not the finished article, but it is quite funny.

The Good Life is a mystery RPG, set in the fictional English town of Rainy Woods, where ‘all the town’s residents turn into cats’ at night. A woman has been murdered and everyone in the town is a suspect. The problem is, well, everyone is a cat at night.

Players will play as Naomi, a heavily in debt photographer from New York who’s found ‘herself stuck in this small town in rural England’ trying to find out what’s happened, whilst trying to find a way to resolve her debt issues. The problem is, once night comes even Naomi turns into a cat and, just like the residents of this small town, she can’t remember the night before.

The Good Life is currently in development for PC and PS4, with a planned released date for Q3 2019. White Owls Inc. has also recently added a stretch goal for a Nintendo Switch release.





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