Most common pc errors

Hey there, today i am going to show you how to fix some of the common errors that we get after installing games on PC. Below is a list of 12 most common game errors and their fixes.

#1. D3dx9.dll is missing or d3dx compile shader failed.

#2. Game.exe has stopped Working.

#3. Game won’t start after installation.

#4. MSVCR100.dll or MSVCR110.dll missing.

#5. Bink2w32.dll is missing.

#6. Game crashes unexpectedly.

#7. Game has no sound/sound issues.

#8. Registration failed/ Windows Activation error.

#9. Corrupted game file.

#10. Please insert CD in your CD drive.

#11. Setup.exe is not a valid win32 application.

#12. The save file is corrupt and cannot be loaded.


#1. D3dx9.dll is missing or d3dx compile shader failed

             This error mainly occurs if Microsoft Direct X is not installed in your PC or may be corrupted. To resolve this issue you need to download and install latest Direct X version. Click here to download>>>

This should fix most of the dll missing errors. After installing Direct X restart the game

>>Try reinstalling the game.

 #2. Game.exe has stopped Working

         This error occurs when the game can’t match with your systems OS and is forced to shut itself down. To fix this:

>> Try changing the compatibility settings and administrative mode. Right click the application and click on properties.

       > Under the compatibility tab, check ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ and select the version of windows suitable for your program also checks the ‘Run this program as an administrator’ option.

How to make windows 8 compatible with your old games and software’s.

         >Now click OK and open the application.

>> This error can also occur with the cracked version of the game. Try downloading a crack for the game and place in the game folder. Also apply the above mentioned settings for the crack.

#3. Game won’t start after installation

              This error mainly occurs with the cracked version of the game.

To fix this issue:

>> Download an appropriate crack for the game and place it in the game folder.

>> Try changing the compatibility and administrative setting for the game.

#4. MSVCR100.dll or MSVCR110.dll missing

This error occurs if your system lacks visual C++ package.

>>Download and install latest visual C++. Download from here>>>

#5. Bink2w32.dll is missing

          Binkw32.dll errors are caused when your system lack  Bink Video codec created by RAD Game Tools required to run the game program.

You can fix this issue by downloading binkw32.dll and placing it in your windows system directory (c:\windows\system\) and the game root folder.

If the problem still persists, try installing latest patches/updates for the game.

#6. Game crashes unexpectedly

        This error can happen if you have low disk space or RAM. This can aso happen if the system is taking heavy load that is, if you launch another program with the game, the system shuts down one program automatically. To fix this:

>>Close all other programs while playing.

>>Browse for the latest patches and updates for the game.

#7. Game has no sound/sound issues

       Sound issues mainly happen due to the changes in sound card drivers on your system.

>>Try repairing/reinstalling/updating your sound card drivers.

>>Try updating your Direct X version.

#8. Registration failed/Windows Activation error

              This issue occurs when the registry key value in windows settings is set to zero. To fix this:

>> Download and install Microsoft’s “Fix it” tool. Get it here>>>

>>Change the registry value to zero.

#9. Corrupted game file.

>>Try reinstalling the game.

>>Troubleshoot the program.

#10. Please insert CD in your CD drive.

>> Download a crack for the Game.

>> Browse for latest patches/updates for the game.

#11. Setup.exe is not a valid win32 application.

            This error may occur if your game’s installation is corrupted or damaged.

>>Reinstall the game.

>> Empty the temp folder. Run “%temp%” or got to  

“C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp\” (both without “”) and delete all contents of the folder.

>>Browse for Updates.

#12. The save file is corrupt and cannot be loaded

             This error may occur due to heavy Modding or edits on the root files of the game.

>>Try removing the mods temporarly and run the game.

>>without loosing the save files, reinstall the game.

And that’s all for now folks. Hope this post helps you solving the errors. Don’t forget to post your comments and doubts below.



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